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An innovation lab geared to transform society in a world of impending climate crisis and rampant social disparities.

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Projects in the making


Seek is envisioned during the Labverde Residency 2019 @ Amazon RainForest. The project explores ways to work with large “dataset” to conceive poetic, artistic and meaningful engagements, help scientists to create new methods of dissemination of information into storytelling, while bridging art with science, technology, and nature.


‘Element’ draws connections between art, nature, health, and technology to create a meaningful, innovative, and interactive visual experience that fosters engagement, interconnectivity, a sense of community and care that exists within a hospital environment.

The Lab

Incubate . Boost Ideas . Fund

CL aims to work with passionate young professionals who will bring their innovative projects ideas to bring social change, incorporating art, design, innovation, and tech. Ultimately, creating new employment opportunities through social innovation / change.

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    The Team

    Based out of Oakville-Toronto. We are an interdisciplinary group of various specialists.

    Artists, programmers, engineers, animators, storytellers, designers, entrepreneurs, business experts, whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world.

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