Art . Data . science

Seek is envisioned during the Labverde Residency 2019 @ Amazon RainForest. The project explores ways to work with large “dataset” to conceive poetic, artistic and meaningful engagements, help scientists to create new methods of dissemination of information into storytelling, while bridging art with science, technology, and nature.


Through Seek, the scientists will visually understand the impact, hopefully, ask new questions and predict future impacts.

For a gallery and museum audience, it allows them to understand the impact of integrated ecology on earth and how they can contribute to making a difference. A time-based experience that puts information into concrete action to make impact visible and set the course for a positive future.


Seek is partnering with climate scientist in North America and Brazil and working on bird’s migration impacts in climate and indigenous communities in Amazon rain forest due to climate changes


Collaboration with Design and Data Foundry summer program in Pakistan. Seek in inviting students, scientist, and technologist to explore climate data in Pakistan and develop exciting and engaging artwork.

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