Art . Data . Healing . Wellness

‘Element’ draws connections between art, nature, health, and technology to create a meaningful, innovative, and interactive visual experience that fosters engagement, interconnectivity, a sense of community and care that exists within a hospital environment.


Element  / Heart 

Element/ Heart is an immersive sensory environment presented at the hospital’s Mental Health department.  Collaborating with doctors and therapists in mental health, developing an immersive unique sensory environment to visualize anxiety, possibly stress in patients / children. This environment integrates with interactive art- body and heart rate controlled audio-visuals with the patient participation to create an engaging experience where the patient can reflect, explore and learn about his/her body and embrace body-mind-visual .

Element / Flow 

Element / Flow is an interactive experimental multi-platform in the hospital environment. Collaborating with hospital’s IT, staff and doctors, developing an integrated data-driven interactive work for various locations in the hospital. E/F is a real-time audio-visual data manipulation, generative art which will have abstract visuals with an uplifting/soothing, engaging and aesthetically pleasing, mindfully created to encourage wellbeing through art.  This installation will constantly change its form and experience, based on changes in the data.

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